Water Diffuser

Water Diffuser

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Whether you are looking to aerate your existing water supply for combining with biological products or active ingredients, or seeking to produce your own compost tea, you will need some way to add air.

This diffuser unit is a large size (570mm long, tube diameter approx 65mm) and has been developed for use in large tanks ranging from 100 to 1000 litres (such as an IBC) or in combination with other units for bigger tanks. 

The unit is capable of delivering between 15 - 250 litres* of air per minute to your tank at a pressure of between 3-8 bar. The see through micro-perforated membrane allows for high levels of dissolved oxygen- high saturation levels are vital for sustained oxygen levels at all stages of microbial growth.

The package contains everything that you need to connect the device to an existing air compressor and includes:

570mm air diffuser

Plastic non return valve

5 meter long clear, braided PVC hose

Threaded elbow, clips and 1/2" hose tails to connect to an air source.


* measured at standard temperature and pressure.