VitaCare Start
VitaCare Start
VitaCare Start
VitaCare Start
VitaCare Start

VitaCare Start

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VitaCare Start is an off-white powdered soil stimulant focused on adding and supporting the microorganisms associated with the soil food web. 


When mixed with water, the highly concentrated powder provides soil and growing media with the microorganisms, nutrients, and compounds required to enhance and improve the soil root environment. VitaCare Start stimulates the edaphon as well as the root environment of your crops and plants.

The formulation is most effective at rebuilding depleted or inactive soil or incorporating into amendments and biological applications (compost tea).

VitaCare Start is a natural product, consisting of carefully selected micro-organisms and growth-supporting nutrients. With ingredients such as amino acids, sugars, and key soil food web life forms, VitaCare Start contains the necessary ingredients for healthy root development which is demonstrated by the superior growth of the crop. VitaCare Start is perfect for restoring disturbed or damaged soil and stimulating the edaphon as well as the root environment of your crop. 


Suggested usage rates

Starting dose: 20 g per 10 L - 200 grams per m2 = 1.000 (2 kg per ha).

If the crop is not performing well or with sensitive plants, use another 100 grams per 1000m2 (1kg. per ha) after a week.

Maintenance dose: 100 grams per 1,000 m2, repeat every four weeks.

If a pathogenic infection is present then give an additional application is recommended.  Please note that overdosing of VitaCare Start is not possible.


Composition of foods:

 N: 1% P2O5: K2O 1%: 1%, Fe: 345 ppm, Mn, Zn, Mg, Ca, B, Mo, ​​Cu, organic carbon: 5%

Contains the following micro-organisms: Rhizobium sp. Azospirillum, Bacillus subtillus spp, Aspergillus niger, Mycorrhizae, Lactobacillus sp., Phosphate-liberating bacteria (Pseudomonas putida)

 Also contains amino acids, minerals, vitamins, enzymes, glycoproteins, carbohydrates, humic acids, and seaweed extract.

 Because Soil Hub cannot exercise control on the use, storage and possible improper use of its products, Soil Hub International cannot accept liability for any damage or reduced performance.



The fine powder is highly hygroscopic and should be held in an airtight container, once opened, to prevent lumps forming.