Compost Tea Xtractor
Compost Tea Xtractor

Compost Tea Xtractor

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The Xtractor is based on 20 years of research working out how to optimise the process of compost extracts.  Compost extracts are an excellent way to multiply and apply the micro-organisms living in healthy and biologically active compost*.
The unique design of the Xtractor ensures that the aeration is adjusted to provide aerobic micro-organisms with enough oxygen, while being suspended in large amounts of water with appropriate food sources. This means that a brew time of between 8-24 hours can provide higher concentrations of microorganisms then regular brewing giving the best results in short time.

- Tested, high quality aerator

- Quicker than regular brewing

- Easy to use

- Adjusted for correct aeration based on volume types

      The Xtractor is available in a number of different sizes to suit your setup.  Contact us for prices and to find out more: 


      * The quality and characteristic of the compost extract is as good as dependent on the source compost material.  For best results we recommend testing your compost, or using our Vermi-compost.