BlackJak Humic Acid (5 Litres)
BlackJak Humic Acid (5 Litres)

BlackJak Humic Acid (5 Litres)

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Humic acid is an excellent fungal food when making your own microbial solutions and compost teas. We recommend adding BlackJak in combination with other foods or bio-stimuants, to maximise microbiological diversity. Suggested rates vary between 0.5-2% in your brew-tank.
Blackjak is a complex mixture of naturally occurring organic acids that have been uniquely activated in a non-chemical process ensuring safe, effective and economical use on crops. This highly concentrated liquid foliar feed and soil conditioner contains high levels of humic, fulvic and ulmic acids which means that your plants can absorb more nutrients from the root zone more effectively and easier, so they are healthier and grow more roots, have greener leaves and are proven to perform better.

Produced in the UK, Key benefits included:
A complex, activated liquid high in natural humic, fulvic and ulmic acids
Chelating and complexing agent for enhanced plant nutrient absorption
Promotes and feeds soil life including Fungi
Soil conditioner and foliar feed

Due to the unique patented process that BlackJak has been manufactured under, it is certified organic under Annex I of the EU organic regulation 889/2008.

Used globally in over 30 countries across the planet, professional farmers, growers, greenkeepers and enthusiasts all rely on the high level of consistency and exceptional
portfolio of benefits that this high quality liquid humic acid provides:

Complex elements in the soil and increase nutrient absorption:
Stabilise urea and improve nitrogen efficiency
Complex phosphate to reduce lock-ups
Promote and feeds soil microorganisms including beneficial fungi
Improve soil structure and increase nutrient holding capability (Cation Exchange Capacity)
Enhances root development in plants for better root and water uptake
Promotes healthy growth through enhancing cell division and elongation
Leaf colour is improved when applied as a foliar feed
Can buffer the effects of excessive elements
pH buffering capacity can help management of extreme soil conditions (i.e. help reduce pH of spray tank)
Promotes faster germination and establishment of young plants
Assist in soil wetting
Detoxify chemicals and heavy metals
Safe and easy to apply throughout season and all year round
Improved resistance to the effects of salts