Basic Biology Soil Appraisal
Basic Biology Soil Appraisal

Basic Biology Soil Appraisal

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This is a great entry level assessment to have carried out on your soil and understand at a broad level what the characteristics are and properties that may impact of inhibit successful plant growth. This includes an appraisal of each of the three major aspects, including some of the Biological constituents. 
We will then point you in the right direction to start addressing possible constraints and capitalising on the any opportunities that it might be offering you, but you didn’t know!
By purchasing this plan, we’ll help you investigate conditions in your soil by providing:
  • A basic physical and chemical assessment (pH, Organic matter, EC, texture, Soluble mg, p, na)
  • A soil microbiologist who will personally inspect and appraise your soil under a microscope and score it against rigorous standards for biological composition.
  • Test reports to quantify the results and a summary on condition by one of our experts.
  • Some suggested improvements appropriate to your situation and plant or crop type.
  • An image of your soil at x200 including any microbes we see! 
  • Direct access to our experts to answer your questions.
The Benefits
  • This measures it, so you you can manage it!
  • We have developed this easy series of steps so that you can use it to adopt a more sustainable and less intensive approach to soil management and growing.
  • You will gain a rounded measure for your soil’s physical, chemical and biological functions.
  • All instructions and materials to collect and send samples are provided for you to use, making it really easy - you just need a spade, trowel or auger!
  • The laboratory report will help you to start to quantify improvements from your actions.
  • Don't worry if you don't understand it all, we’ll help you interpret it all, so you can learn how to do it yourself next time.
  • You will receive a helping hand to start using the information - we'll give you tips and suggestions to help you develop new and more effective strategies for growing plants and crops in a sustainable manner.
  • The Basic Biology Appraisal process provides incite and is the perfect first-hand introduction to microbial management for you.
  • Communicate directly with our knowledgeable staff, who will answer your queries and questions.
  • Get a one-off: an image of your soil at this stage in it’s life!
How it works
Once you sign up we’ll email you a short questionnaire to identify plant or crop type and the type of growing practices or techniques that you use. We can then match things more closely to YOU.
Then we’ll send out a pack to you, which includes:
  • A collection bag (for placing a sample of your chosen soil in)
  • A sample information ID form to accompany the sample through testing
  • Instructions on how to sample (though we will be on hand to guide you through this process and answer additional questions)
Once received and our laboratory colleagues have completed their testing, (usually within 2 working weeks), we will issue you with the soil report. 
A few days later you will be sent a brief summary by electronic mail, including some suggested improvements or steps that could be tried to improve soil condition and/or plant or crop growth.
We will also send you an image of your soil* at a microscopic level, to print off, use in presentations or hang on your shed wall. (You might want to look back at this somewhere along the way, when you check again).
You're then good to start rolling out some new techniques, treatments or tests!
Still got a question? Get in touch here and mention theBasic Biology Soil Appraisal.  We’ll come back you.